7DRL Day 7: Crunch and Release

We made it!

After powering through much of my TODO list, some precarious refactoring and some panic, Station Salvage is available to play!

You can fight the blobs, which fight back, trigger the win and lose conditions, escape (successfully or not) and we also have procedural layouts!


Going to decompress for about a month now...


64-bit Linux 2 MB
Mar 07, 2020
Mac OS X 659 kB
Mar 07, 2020
32-bit Windows 951 kB
Mar 07, 2020
64-bit Windows 1,004 kB
Mar 07, 2020

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Just finished reading your entire dev log! Great work powering through! This stuff can definitely wear on you, but I'm so glad you made it through 😄 I can't wait to play!! Ill let you know how it went when I get a chance to try it out!