DOME v1.7.0 - The Useful Utilities Update is now available ๐ŸŽ‰

It's been a while since our last release, so this is packed with new features and bug fixes to make even better games and applications!

New Features

  • You can now draw triangles using Canvas.triangle and Canvas.trianglefill!
  • Nest Tool - The external tool for creating .egg files (previously found here) is now included in the engine. This allows you to easily bundle your game into a single file for sharing with others who already have DOME installed.
  • Fuse Mode - You can distribute your application as a single binary, by merging together DOME and a .egg file using the new built in fuse tool.
  • Canvas.offset can now be queried as a Vector.
  • Fetch the currently selected font name with Canvas.font.
  • You can set Mouse.cursor to control which mouse cursor is used, allowing for better UI in tools and applications.
  • Developers can now turn off the dialog which appears during development


  • The math module relies on the Wren Num implementation of maxmin and introduces clamp.
  • The random module uses the Squirrel3 hash by default, but you can opt-in to using Squirrel5, if this matters to you. (More info: #205)

Bug Fixes

  • The JSON module can now reliably serialise objects with nested objects. This was caused by an issue with circular reference detection.


  • This release introduces low-level APIs for interacting with the canvas and reading files from the file system, as well as loading and drawing bitmaps to the canvas.
  • [Breaking change] The --embed command line option used for embedding wren module files in your code has been moved to be available under the subcommand embed, to match with nest and fuse. Apologies for any inconveniences as a result of this change.

Other Notes

  • DOME doesn't use Wren as a submodule in the repository any more, but instead uses Wren's amalgamated build. This means that DOME is easier to compile from source for unusual or unsupported platforms (such as ARM64).


Thank you to @BenStigsen @TheKing0x9 and @trelemar for their contributions to this release!

As always, documentation is available to help you get started.
If you run into any problems or have any feature requests, please file an issue!

You can also contact me directly via twitter (@avivbeeri), or on the DOME discord as springogeek#0572 to share screenshots or ask questions!

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