DOME v1.5.1 Released

DOME v1.5.1 is now available ๐ŸŽ‰

A quick bug-fix release following DOME JAM 2021!


  • DOME will no longer buffer stdout input, so you should have immediate response if the stdout is read from a terminal embedded in a text editor or IDE.

Bug Fixes

  • Trying to start DOME with a named entry point could result in crashes.
  • Using the new random module would result in crashes during shutdown.
  • Some issues around rectangle rendering size were corrected. This might impact previously written projects.
  • getState in the Audio plugin API was not correctly initialized.

As always, documentation is available to help you get started.
If you run into any problems or have any feature requests, please file an issue!

You can also contact me directly via twitter (@avivbeeri), or on the DOME discord as springogeek#0572 to share screenshots or ask questions!

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Version 1.5.1 Feb 16, 2021 1 MB
Version 1.5.1 Feb 16, 2021 1 MB
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Version 1.5.1 Feb 16, 2021


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