DOME v1.6.0 - The Terrific Text Update is now available ๐ŸŽ‰


  • DOME now uses the official 0.4.0 release of Wren. There are some really useful features which are now available to you, details of which can be found in the release notes for Wren.
  • Font.getArea and Canvas.getTextArea can be used to calculate the maximum area needed to draw a string in the selected font.
  • Added Clipboard to the input module so you can access the system clipboard.
  • The Keyboard now has a handleText mode, which receives full text strings from the keyboard easily.
    • Access the incoming text using the Keyboard.text field.
    • CJK input support is possible using Keyboard.textRegion()Keyboard.compositionText and Keyboard.compositionRange which provide information for handling text composition with an IME tool.
    • A complete text entry example, with clipboard and composition, can be found here.


  • Removed a reliance on super-recent versions of glibc, expanding the support for older versions of Linux.
  • Introduced an experimental web build of the engine, which can be used for applications with lower performance requirements at this time.


  • Minor performance improvements around GamePad handling.
  • Reduced the memory overhead of DrawTransform, which should improve performance.

As always, documentation is available to help you get started.
If you run into any problems or have any feature requests, please file an issue!

You can also contact me directly via twitter (@avivbeeri), or on the DOME discord as springogeek#0572 to share screenshots or ask questions!


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