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Excellent work! I really enjoyed my play throughs! The vision cones were neat, and the charging mechanic was nicely implemented and cool that I could kill blobs and blow off blocked doors! The only issues I had were sometimes rooms weren't accessable due to doors butting up against corners, sometimes the reactor spawned to the side of a door, not granting access to the panel, and that the majority of the time I was given a self-destruct sequence that was impossible to escape, e.g. the door is 100 spaces away, I was given 80 steps to get there.

Thanks for making this! I know it was a ton of work, so very glad you finished :)

Loved all the hud stuff, very cool. I can totally see this becoming something bigger if that's what you wanted :D

Thank you so much for playing it, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! There's unfortunately a few bugs in the level generator, which does lead to impossible states. I regret trying to be so fancy for this jam. There were easier ways to make levels. (Expect me to talk more about that in my postmortem).

The game is supposed to calculate the shortest path to the exit from the reactor and give you enough turns to make it, so that's probably a bug also. Oh well. :(

You seemed to have hit the pieces I'm most proud of though, so "Mission Success"! ;)